Assignment 1: Photo Correction

Our first assignment for Digital Tools for the Visual Arts was to touch up an old photo that was damaged, and had writing all over it, and to get rid of the writing, and remove the scratches in blemishes in a way where the person viewing the edited picture would not be able to tell that it was edited by Photoshop, or any similar kind of program. The final assignment compared with the original is included in the featured image, above. Before this, we did an Exercise where we started with eliminating all the scratches in an image, to help us gain confidence. For both of these images, we used the clone stamp and healing brush tools to eliminate the scratches in the foreground and background.

Both the Exercise, and the Assignment also had its challenges. For example, for both of them, after making edits to eliminate the scratches, some of the parts of the image looked like they had been touched up, and I wanted to make sure someone viewing the image wouldn’t be able to tell that it was edited. To fix this problem, I zoomed in as much as I possible could for some areas, using the clone stamp tool to replicate the exact colors seen around the edited areas of the picture, to conceal the differences in the shades after the edits were made. The area around the man in the hat’s right eye was really difficult, because it was hard to tell what color I should replace the edited area with, since the space was so small. This is why I needed to use the clone stamp, and zoom in, sometimes over 300% to see the differences and make effective changes. However, even with the challenges, overall, this assignment wasn’t that difficult.

The original and final versions of the Exercise we did to start with are shown below, and the original and final version of the actual assignment is the cover image for this blog post: