Hello, my name is Joshua Gayle. I am a student in ARTT/GDES 116, at Montgomery College, in Rockville, Maryland. I am taking this class for two reasons: One, I originally planned on majoring in Graphic Design, but now am considering majoring in Digital Media and Web Technologies and following the User Interface Design pathway. Since I am still planning on getting a certificate in Graphic Design with Digital Tools, and since the track I am considering still uses a fair amount of Graphic Design skills, I was recommended to take this course, given my interests in these programs.

The second reason I am taking this class is to improve my skills in Photoshop and DreamWeaver, and to gain new skills in the other Adobe applications, such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. Digital media,  Graphic Design, and Web design have always been very interesting to me, and I signed up for this class so that I could get one step closer to gaining the skills needed to become proficient in Graphic Design, digital media, and web design, and one day pursue a career in one or more of those fields.

I also wanted to take this class because I thought it would be fun. 🙂

I created this site as a portfolio, so to speak, showing all the work I’ve done in Digital Tools, using the different Adobe applications. Enjoy!