Assignment 2: Logo Creation


For our next assignment, we had to create and design our own logo, using Adobe Illustrator for a fictional company of our own making. I had some ideas, perhaps maybe doing a logo for a music or records company, maybe doing a logo for an animation or film production company, but eventually, I decided to stick with the film production company idea.

I got the idea of “White Stone” productions, from a story that talks about the rewards people get for enduring temptation and hardship. In this story, certain groups of people were faced with great hardship and temptation, and were given the opportunity to receive a white stone, if they endured the temptation. Now, this is no ordinary white stone, it’s the most costly, not to mention, most brilliant, radiant, beautiful, colorful, stone ever seen. It far surpasses our imaginations. After hearing this story, I was inspired to make a logo about it.

I personally find these rewards interesting, and I’ve always dreamed of working with or creating a film production industry that displays the supernatural.

I got the idea of what the symbol should look like after hearing a message by Mike Bickle on what he thinks the “white stone” mentioned in above looks like. He said that one day, he was talking about the white stone with somebody, and she asked him: “Have you ever seen a plasma ball?” He hadn’t, but she showed him a picture, and he said that that image was a great representation of what he imagined, although it’ll probably never be an even 1% accurate depiction of it.

I think the biggest challenge for me was the logo, itself. For the logo, I looked up an image of a plasma ball, but the image I had in mind was way too complex to try and draw over using the pen and anchor point tools in Illustrator (I know because I tried), so, after getting the idea from my classmate sitting next to me, I drew out my design in my notebook and then scanned it, so I’d be able to trace it using the tools in Illustrator, and make it look even better. And…Voila! Another huge challenge was the rings I added around the stone, and trying to get them to look symmetrical. I drew one of the sides of the rings, and then copied and pasted to save time, so it was a bit of a hassle to rotate the sides and make them look like they were all part of one shape. Lots of trial and error involved, but I was finally able to get these ideas:


As you can see, I had various different ideas of how the design should look, but was given feedback that the one with the black background is the best, which is why I chose to display that one as the featured image.