Assignment 4: Video Editing to Music

For our fourth assignment, we had to use a song of our choice and select still images and/or video to it in a clip of at least 30 seconds, using Adobe Premiere Pro.

I had various ideas I wanted to try, the first of which was inserting various clips of people doing brave things, with the song “You Make Me Brave – Without Words”, by Bethel Music. Other ideas included maybe using just still images, but I was already having a lot of fun using the videos, so I decided to just stick with that approach.

One idea I really wanted to try was to do a sports highlight video with the song “You Can’t Stop Me” by Andy Mineo playing in the background. Although unoriginal, I figured it would work out. And to my surprise, that’s the idea I ended up sticking with! I also found some other videos, sort of accidentally, which gave me ideas to make my video more creative and somewhat more original. One video I’m extremely glad I ran into was this one by Dude Perfect on Extreme Trick Shots (basketball). That video had just the crazy stunts that I wanted to include, and the panda doing bicycle tricks worked to my advantage, as well.

I also got the idea to include some videos of basketball shots that broke the backboard, since I have seen a couple, and the videos I found for that worked well, also. One in particular that I’m really glad I found was this one where at least 4 guys jumped up, and passed the ball to the person behind them, with the last one dunking so hard the backboard shattered! I later found out that this was the Liberty University Dunk Team. I wanted to include more of the video, but given I didn’t have much time, I figured shortening the video to the last guy who dunked was best.

To download the videos, I simply typed “ss” (without the quotation marks) behind the part of the youtube videos’ URL’s that said, which led me to a site where I could download the videos as mp4 files. I then inserted them into the library of the project, only including the video and not the audio by clicking on the little icon underneath the panel in the middle and dragging it to the timeline.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro was fun, for the most part, the only disadvantages was that I was unable to really do any work on my project at home, because the version of Premiere Pro I got with Creative Cloud was slightly older, I guess, and did not have a particular video plugin, which is why, I think, each time I tried to work on the projects, the videos were really laggy, and the fonts weren’t updated, either. Therefore, I had to do pretty much all of my work in class and using the labs on campus.

This project turned out much better than I expected it to, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


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