Assignment 3: Page Layout

For our third assignment, we were given a pdf of the cover and inside spread of a made-up publication, which provided an image for the logo of the company, and a general, almost empty section for the inside spread, which we had to fill with our own ideas for the design of the typography, images, and pages. We also had to use different images for the cover page. I had other ideas for this project, originally, this was not my original idea. However, after playing around with different options for the images and typography, I decided that this was the best option.

For the inside spread, which I worked on first, I looked through the images Professor Hubley put in the stock photos folder. At first, I was kind of going for a cloud theme, but after a while, it seemed boring to me, so I changed my idea for my theme to cloud computing technology. For that reason, I selected the photo I selected of someone holding a laptop, with a cloud background, to keep the “cloud” in cloud computing, so to speak. The cool font I found for the word “Welcome” was found using Google Fonts. I knew I wanted something that would stand out, but I wasn’t exactly sure what specifically I wanted. It was one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” type of things.

The typography was a little difficult to get the hang of, at first, especially trying to get the font to look bigger, and take up more space on the page, while still looking presentable. This was where the tracking tool came into play very well. With the tracking tool, I was able to put enough space between the letters and words to make the type fill up the page, while still looking presentable.

The font color for the headings and pull quotes on the third page was also sort of difficult and tedious, because I wanted to match the darker parts of the sky in the picture on the 2nd page. After many trials and errors with the eyedropper tool and swatches, I got the color I wanted. The pull quote was also tough because I couldn’t figure out how to get those lines on the top and bottom of the quote to appear, because I couldn’t find the Paragraph Tools option. One day, I discovered the fly out menu, which had the “Paragraph Rules” tool featured right there. It was right there the whole time! -_-

For the cover page, to keep up with my theme of cloud computing technology, I used the displayed image. I was really starting to get frustrated with how I would display the title because I would try different options, such as leaving some white space between the image and the bottom of the frame, for the titles, but I really wanted to be able to display the title with the image taking up the entire cover, since that is how I have seen most magazine covers look. Thanks to Professor, I was able to create a transparent rectangular textbox for the title, using the Rectangle Tool, and just toning down the opacity of the rectangle, so that when the title and subtitle were inserted, the textbox and background image could still be seen. Thanks a lot,  Professor Hubley!

Despite it all, this process was still relatively fun, and according to Professor Hubley, I actually did much better on it than I thought I did.